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Where we're from,
and where we want to be

For Julen, our sense of place determines who we are and where we want to be. Our vision is to empower people – clients, partners, employees, and the people who need it most. We aim to develop initiatives and turn ideas into reality, all the time supporting local, sustainable and self-sufficient operations. Our perspective is a long-term one: as the world continues to specialise and diversify, by supporting passionate people through investment, knowledge and connections, we will continue to add to the cultural, economic and social profile of our region.


Hospitality and service, with its human connections, are central to what we do, and will always remain a core interest.


We support local and organic agriculture initiatives that promote self-sufficiency and optimised production.


Access to education is a basic right, and people should be able to make choices about how they are educated.


For us, technology is an enabler that can provide better human interactions and experiences, and create more equal societies.

To find out more about our vision, philosophy and values, watch the interview with Mario Julen.

Eco Zermatt

Eco Zermatt is the Julen Group’s vision made real: an integrated, end-to-end ecosystem that’s being developed in a co-creation process involving all key stakeholders in the region. The objective is for Zermatt to remain a charming, nature-immersed, world-class destination for future generations.